Graduation ceremony

MATE Szent István Campus graduation ceremony is going to be arranged in Aula building great ceremony hall:

  • for the former Faculty of Agricultural ansd Environmental Sciences (Gödöllő) on 29 June 2021 at 10 o'clock;
  • for the former Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering on 30 June 2021 at 10 o'clock;
  • for the former Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (Gödöllő) - 1 July 2021 at 10 o'clock


Considering the pandemic situation, please read the information on protocol:

  • Only and exclusively the graduated students, the course leaders, the heads of institutes, the guests of honour and the leaders of the University should be attend to the ceremony.
  • For relatives, friends of students and university citizens a stream of the ceremony is going to be available at the link below:
  • Please enter the ceremony hall from the main entrance of the Aula Building (west side of the building, from direction of sports hall). At the entrance, please, allow to measure your body temperature.
  • Keep social distance while seated (1.5m).  Please, do not move your chair from its location. The chair lines and name tags are arranged accordingly to the order of receiving degree (by courses). When the first person in your line is called and stood up, the whole line shall stand up too and queue up in the middle aisle. After you have received your degree, please turn to left or right (where is your chair line) and return to your chair in the left or right side aisle (behind the columns).
  • You may find a free mask on your chair, wearing it is optional.
  • Please take your degree without hand shake, a polite head bow might be appropriate. 
  • Ceremony gown is not available this time due to desinfection issues. Dress code is informal wear (elegant and neat: suit, casual dress) or your country specific traditional clothing.
  • Please note, in case you did not fill the former questionaire about your participation, you can not take part on the ceremony (deadline was 21 June 2021)!
  • If you can not come to the ceremony, please inform our colleague as soon as possible: puspokne.szabados.kinga [kukac]

  • At the end of the ceremony, please leave the ceremony hall without delay.  Photos can be taken in front of the building, in the park.

During the ceremony professional photographers of Fotogarden Stúdió are going to take photos of everyone, after you get your degree and turn in the side aisle, just stop and smile for a shoot of photo. The ready photoes are displayed at the website of the Stúdió from the 3rd day after the event. You could order the selected photos at the webshop:

In the university area campus guards are going to control the traffic to help parking.  The Aula building is going to be open for students at 9 o'clock. The ceremony is up to 2 and half hours long Please, do not leave the ceremony till the end.  

From 8 to 9 am, in the morning, on the day of the ceremony in Registrar's office (room 20) you need to manage some administration: you have to sign the registry book to get your degree. Please come and do the signature, because without it you are not going to receive your degree. For signing, please bring a blue pen with you and please, keep social disctance (1.5m) when stood in queue. 

Please take your seat (your name will be on it) by 9.45 the latest! Delayed arrival can not be accepted on this official occassion!!!