Cultural Performances within the Framework of the Csontváry Program

The aim of the subject ’Cultural Performances within the Framework of the Csontváry Program’ is to strengthen the cultural interest of university students in visiting traditional cultural institutions.

The sessions that accompany the lectures make the experience even more colourful.

Performances are held online and are free for students to attend.

Links will be sent 2-3 days before the events.

Thematic elements of the course:

  • Performances of the Hungarian State Opera House
  • Performances of Danubia Orchestra Óbuda
  • Performances of National Centre for Circus Arts
  • Presentations of the Fine Arts Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery
  • Performances of the National Theatre

Further information can be found in Neptun under the course description of the subject.

Requirements of the course:

  • Viewing a minimum of 1 performance per branch of arts, mandatory participation in a total of 5 performances.
  • Participation in accompanying sessions related to the performances.
  • Written opinion on the performances, preparation of a summary report for each performance.

Enrollment period: 14 March 2021 until midnight.